​​Small amounts of blood are withdrawn from your vein in the same manner used for laboratory testing.

FDA approved kits and a centrifuge are then used to separate your blood into platelet rich plasma containing growth factors and red blood cells.

Your freshly prepared super concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - Stem Cells are then carefully injected into the targeted areas void of natural tissue. This results in immediate volume expansion with amplified pressure onto the bladder neck preventing urine leakage.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Stem Cells contain numerous growth factors that promote collagen tissue production naturally. Over the next several days collagen transforms into a stronger and mature matrix of connective tissue to prevent urine loss from reoccurring. There are some cases that may require more than one treatment.  
Other interventions are rarely needed when PRP Stem Cells are meticulously introduced into the  appropriate area.

Our Stem Cell Specialists have performed this New Technique on dozens of women with great success. Below are photos demonstrating urine loss. The third red line to the left is the area between your anterior vaginal wall and your urethra. This area atrophies (thins) with age or trauma resulting in weakness of your pelvic floor muscles. This weakness is not capable to withstand the internal pressure from your contracting bladder with coughing, laughing, sneezing or the force of movement causing urine leakage. 


Questions & Answers:

1-Does this hurt? 

​NO - The application of a numbing cream is applied in advance with an aseptic solution. This virtually eliminates any discomfort and chance for infections.  

2-Is there any down time?

​        NO - Within minutes the procedure is completed and you may return to work or home.

​3-How long will I benefit from PRP Therapy?

​        12-18 months on average.



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​Stem Cell PRP injectable Serum has revolutionized the treatment for

Urine Incontinence & bladder leakage 

for women of All ages.  NO-SURGERY

Urine Incontinence  affects over 60% of the female population.

Stress Incontinence / urine leakage is the most common Type

Affecting women of all Ages.

​  Stress Incontinence is the major cause of urine loss in women of all ages. Reports indicate over 60% of women in the USA develop varying degrees of urine leakage. Contributing factors include; vaginal delivery, infection, medication, trauma or naturally with age. Urinary incontinence is progressive with advancing age.  Most women do not discuss this problem with their spouse or physician out of embarrassment. Sneezing, coughing, laughing and intimacy will usually cause excessive pressure on the bladder precipitating a loss of urine control. Initially there may be a drop or two which increases to a puddle.

​ Prior to the advent of Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy, women resorted to wearing external pads or a vaginal insert similar to a tampon. Kegel exercises have minimal success. Surgery offers multiple techniques with varying success and respective complications. 


Diapers are for Babies not Ladies.

Stop Urine Leakage - Urine Loss

Stem Cell PRP


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