The "OMG-Shot"

The Best Gift for Women.

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 The OMG (Oh My God) or Vaginal Shot.

   Hollywood Stars at the 2014 & 2015 Oscars were surprised to receive certificates in their gift bags for the "O-Shot".

This Amazing New Treatment has inspired a sexual revolution with women screaming for more.

​     Cosmopolitan Magazine, Tatler ( Irelands biggest women's magazine) ABC, NBC, Dr. Oz, CNN The View, CBS, The Doctors, and the Oscars have ALL discussed the benefits women are enjoying in their private moments.

Marriages have been reconciled with newly restored love & enjoyment with their partners.

Plasma Rich Platelets or Stem Cells are derived from your ​blood via a simple vein puncture as done for laboratory testing. This is transferred to FDA approved kits and centrifuged. The end result is a highly purified form of concentrated platelets loaded with growth factors. A small painless needle delivers this Fountain of Youth into targeted vaginal areas. Numbing creams prevent any unpleasant sensation.

These growth factors stimulate new production of vaginal tissue, lubrication, sensitivity and endless pleasure.

Forget about creams or pills that last for short intervals and may be extremely dangerous.

This safe natural pleasure is all yours ALL the Time without preparation.

Lasting effect up to 18 months.

John P. Girard MD is only one of several physicians certified to perform the"OMG-Shot"

​Several years - Great success.

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​Specialized physicians have master the technique to introduce the power's of nature to restore Vaginal Health. Plasma Rich in Platelets contain natural stimulating growth factors which restore youth and vitality to your vaginal area. The natural action of vaginal stimulation with increased lubrication, sensitivity and pleasure have been restored in women. They have experienced New Heights never achieved before.

Referred to as Screaming O's, of multiple proportion.

​Your Gift to enjoyed day after day with increasing intensity.