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 ​NEW !!     Hair Restoration with prp stem cells


MEN & women hair & Eyebrows Restored

​ Hair Restoration was always a concern for men with little consideration for women. Surgical cosmetic procedures with hair transplants and topical creams helped many men while contributing millions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies. Women were never considered for surgical treatments by the  Natural Hair Association who were more interested in the production of wigs and weaves. Times have changed with New Stem Cell Intervention. Both sexes can now enjoy Hair Restoration and save thousands in the process.

  ​Women naturally have 100,000 - 150,000 strands of hair on their scalp. On average 100 strands are lost daily. The ratio between new and lost hair typically is of no concern until women approach 40 years of life. It is estimated that approximately 40% of the female population will have significant visible hair loss at this age. Our culture is very aesthetic conscience resulting in devastating self image and secondary emotional instability with progressive hair thinning and hair loss. Women spend billions of dollars annually to maintain their beauty.

Hair Restoration cosmetic companies are gaining popularity equal to the male industry.

​ Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Stem Cell Therapy is a New Non-Surgical natural treatment to stimulate hair growth. Dormant hair follicles are stimulated to regain functionality upon contact with stem cell injection therapy.

​Women & Men are ecstatic with the results. Thinning hair or hair loss is now reversed with Hair Restoration injections derived from their own blood plasma. Blood is painlessly extracted from your vein in the same manner as when you require laboratory testing. FDA approved kits and a centrifuge separates your blood into platelet rich plasma containing growth factors and red blood cells. Your highly concentrated platelets and growth factors are combined with a proprietary combination of vitamins and a cellular matrix serum. Your areas of concern are then treated after the application of numbing agents and aseptic solutions are applied to diminish any discomfort or infection. Monthly visits are required to document your progression and provide enhanced therapy as needed.

Hair Restoration with PRP Stem Cell Therapy is now the treatment of choice outpacing surgical intervention.

your choice is clear

hair restoration with stem cells.



 Hair Restoration - Stem cell therapy