​​​Diapers are for Babies, not Ladies.

  New advancements in Stem Cell Therapy have cured  women of all ages.

 Laugh, Cough and enjoy Intimacy without fear of urine loss. Become Empowered.

-Stop the Drip-

Stop Urine Leakage

No-Surgery or Meds.

​​​​​​​​One thing's for sure-

nothing stays the same. Signs of aging will be the battle of your 30's and beyond.

Don't despair, Stem Cell Therapy with PRP is here.


-Young and Beautiful-

​​Hair Restoration 

 Stem Cell Therapy​​

Thinning Hair occurs in over 50% of men & women.

New Non-Surgical

Stem Cell Therapy

helps restore

Younger-Thicker Hair.

No wigs, weaves or extensions.

​​​​Fountain of Youth in a Vial.

  This Amazing Natural Serum has transformed Hollywood Stars and Palm Beach Elite.

Look and Feel 20 Years Younger.

No-Surgery, No-Lasers, Drug Free.

  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) -is derived from your natural serum after a simple blood draw. After using a proprietary technique, PRP containing natural healer cells and growth factors stimulate healing and collagen production when introduced under your skin.

No need to use  Dermabrasion or Laser to strip your face and potentially cause scarring or infection. 

  John P. Girard MD is a trained Aesthetic Specialist in the techniques of targeted Stem Cell Therapy and Collagen injections.

Natural healing with Stem Cells can be induced virtually anywhere on your body with targeted therapy. 

 Vaginal Rejuvenation (O-Shot) - Stop Urine Loss - Erase 20 years of Facial and Aging Wrinkles.

  New Beautiful Radiant Skin replaces your older tired look. Eliminate dark circles under eyes, restore volume to sunken cheeks, eliminate wrinkles and plump your lips to a youthful sexy smile.   

Vaginal Rejuvenation
The "O-Shot"

Anti - aging


​boca raton​​​


Facial & Body lift

PRP Therapy.

​​Vaginal Rejuvenation - "The O-Shot"

Increase Sensitivity-Desire and Tone.

Stop Urine Leakage - Vaginal Pain and Dryness.                              Boca Raton 


​​Women Only!

​One treatment will improve Sensitivity,Desire and Dryness.

Increase Tone -Stop Pain

​Reconcile your marriage.

​Enjoy the Pleasure.


-Get your Sexy Back-


Pure and Natural

Stem Cell Therapy.

PRP Facials.